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Banbū Leather – A high-performing premium leather alternative made from bamboo. It’s as durable, soft and supple as animal leather, but with less impact on the planet.

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Banbū Leather is regenerative.

We’re making a plant-based leather from one of the most renewable materials on the planet, bamboo. Known for its strength and resilience, bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth. It can be harvested without destroying its root systems, and it needs relatively little water to grow.

83% Plant-Based

Derived from 83% plant-based materials. The other 17% is a protective layer of resin.

3x Less Water

Requires ⅓ of the water of other natural plants such as cotton.

5x Lighter

Dramatically lighter than conventional leather.

Banbū Leather

Created from 100% bamboo fibers, coated with plant-based resin for durability, and designed to biodegrade in a landfill or ocean.

Bamboo plants are harvested and broken down into chips to create a natural, soft pulp.

Fibers are then extracted and spun into yarn.

Fibers are woven into back cloth and assembled with our additive topcoat.

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