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About von Holzhausen Video Poster About von Holzhausen Video Poster

We’re leading a plastic and leather-free world that fights climate change with plants.

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von Holzhausen is a material science company solving a global sustainability crisis through industry-leading innovation. We create materials that are durable, performance-oriented and massively scalable to make fossil-fuel dependent plastic and leather a thing of the past.

About von Holzhausen Video Poster

Transforming Plants Into the Materials of the Future

Our Method

Balancing bio-based content with performance and environmental responsibility. We create, test and iterate with speed, driving toward supple, drapey, pliable materials made to scale.

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Our Current Material Innovations:

  • Replace petroleum with plants
  • Are 100% animal-free
  • Ultra durable
  • Biodegrade in a landfill without creating microplastics
  • Efficient to conserve water, land, and power

Go Deeper on Our Materials

What Drives Us

Inventing leading-edge materials derived from plants. It opens new design potential and helps solve the most pressing issues of our time.

Replacing plastic is key. Not only does it stay in landfills for centuries, it furthers our reliance on petrochemicals, the dominant contributor to global warming.

Livestock production is the single most polluting industry on earth. It creates climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation, air and water pollution, excessive waste, public health risks and more.

Reusing materials that already exist helps divert waste from landfills and further preserves our natural resources.

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