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The Ballet Flat

Our bamboo-based Ballet Flat is more than just a shoe debut. It’s the next step in solving climate change through material innovation.

Lloyd Wright Studio

Welcome to our material library and showroom inside the historic Lloyd Wright Studio located in the heart of the Los Angeles Design District, West Hollywood, California.

Our Story

We’re taking on climate change by creating the plant-based materials of the future. Today, we supply materials to all industries: fashion, furniture, airplanes and even cars—right back where it all began.

Unplugged Performance

Buckle up and meet the first ever car made with Banbū. For context, using Banbū Leather for this car interior saved 16,307 gallons of water.

The Large Shopper

A sleek, spacious vegan bag that’s lightweight, durable and perfect for work or travel. It’s climate-friendly, easy to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Replant is a fully customizable, highly tactile luxury material that can be used for almost anything, from fashion to furniture to sports.

Our Mission

Balancing bio-based content with performance and environmental responsibility. We create, test and iterate with speed, driving toward supple, drapey, pliable materials made to scale.

The Tech Backpack

A sleek, modern backpack designed for work and travel and loaded with functionality. Made with plant-based leather, its features include a dedicated laptop compartment, flexible storage pockets and more.

The Banbū Candle

What could our leather smell like? Thrillingly, the answer is anything we want. For this collaboration, we worked with Lola James Harper, a like-minded brand that makes planet-friendly vegan candles in France.

What is Circularity?

Circularity is a plan to help us stay on the earth a little longer and von Holzhausen is part of making it happen.

Women Owned

von Holzhausen is proud to be certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Material Innovation

We believe in the power of plants—and in transforming discarded materials into remarkable ones.


Introducing the World’s First 100% Plant-Based, High-Performance Topcoat. Making Plastic-Free Materials a Reality.

The Driving Glove

We made a driving glove in celebration of our partnership with Cupra on the Dark Rebel show car. Made from Banbū. Feels like it’s part of you.

Cupra Dark Rebel

Introducing the Cupra Dark Rebel designed using Banbū. The interior of the Dark Rebel isn’t like any other. Why? It’s made from plants! Not just any plant. The most renewable plant in the world. Bamboo.

Molecular Craftsmanship

Coined by our founder, Vicki von Holzhausen, and refers to the way that we innovate materials at a molecular level to make sure that they are as luxurious, durable and also low impact as they need to be.

The Small Shopper

Get ready for compliments. This light, planet-friendly bag is the perfect day-to-night style. Handcrafted in Italy and made of high-quality alternative leather, it resists stains, water and scratches.

The Story of Plastic Topcoats

Three months ago, we launched a groundbreaking plant-based material topcoat called LiquidPlant. People said nice things, like “it’s the future!” And we enthusiastically agreed.

Tech Accessories

Protect the planet—and your electronics. Our tech accessories not only look amazing but are durable and sustainable.

Our Network

Our global footprint extends across the world with cutting edge laboratories, factories, mills and warehouses.


We achieved 100% biodegradation of Banbū Leather in less than 250 days. Our materials don’t just look good to you. They also look good to the 600 different microbes that exist in a landfill.


A plant-based material that’s ultra durable, sleek and made from the most renewable raw material on earth (yes, you guessed it—bamboo).

Our Materials

If the low carbon story is, at last, top of everybody’s mind, it helps that there are products that can compete with climate-unfriendly leather and petroleum-based materials in both function and style.


Created from post-consumer plastic and plants. Innovative, high-performing, resilient and soft, plus it has a dramatically lower carbon footprint than animal leather.


We’re von Holzhausen, a team of material innovators on a mission to replace plastic and leather with plants. Why?

Leather tanning destroys land and waterways plus pollutes the air with toxic chemicals, including some known carcinogens.*

Astonishing as it sounds, livestock production causes as much greenhouse gas emissions as planes, trains, and cars combined.+

On the bright side, we’re using nature and science to create materials from plants, not petroleum with unmatched performance.



Discover Our Materials
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World’s First 100% Plant-Based, High-Performance Topcoat. Making Plastic-Free Materials a Reality.

FastCompany: Best Bio Design Award 2023 SEAL Award Winner 2023 CORE77 Design Awards 2023 PETA Most Forward Thinking Brand 2023

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