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Lola James Harper and von Holzhausen Unveils Banbū Leather Candle Collab

Lola James Harper and von Holzhausen have collaborated on a scented candle that beckons the question, “what does vegan leather smell like?” The answer, of course, is also presented in their collaborative Banbū Leather Candle.

Material innovators and accessories label von Halzhausen is the brainchild of former car designer Vicki von Holzhausen. Utilizing her expertise in design for her new brand, the founder is driven to cultivate plant-based materials that can rival their animal-derived counterparts.

Described as a “Holistic Art and Life-Style project,” Lola James Harper is a specialist fragrance brand founded by renowned perfume art director Rami Mekdachi. Inspired by Mekdachi’s travels and other fond memories, the brand is known for its intriguingly named scents, such as Music Studio, TV Basement, and Surf Shop.

While traditional leather is a common note for scents, few have explored the alternative option of using vegan leather in perfumery. Inspired by von Holzhausen’s signature vegan Banbū Leather™, which is made of renewable bamboo, The Banbū Leather Candle is infused with warm notes of cardamom, carrot, incense, and iris to create a soulful aroma that’s both inspiring and luxurious.

Available for purchase on von Holzhausen’s website, the Banbū Leather Candle is priced at $45 USD.

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