what does vegan leather smell like?

We get asked this all the time. Our alternative leather doesn’t have a smell—yet. But what an intriguing question!

Scents Connect
Us to Memories

The smell of leather might remind you of your first baseball glove, a vintage jacket or a classic car. Unlike other materials, leather has a distinctive scent. Our brains connect that scent with powerful memories that spark emotions.

What Could Our
Leather Smell Like?

Thrillingly, the answer is anything we want. For this initial project, we worked with Lola James Harper, a like-minded brand that makes planet-friendly vegan candles in France. The Banbū Leather Candle has notes of cardamom, carrot, incense and iris. More importantly, it uses the power of fragrance to inspire ideas for a bright future.

the banbū leather candle

A limited-edition release with unlimited potential.

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The Future of Leather

Soon we might be supplying alternative leather to a major automotive partner or fashion brand—and infusing it with a remarkable scent so bespoke it doesn’t even exist yet. It’s ok to still love that classic-leather scent. Just make room for a new version that evokes a new vision in harmony with nature. The Banbū Leather Candle. A limited-edition release with unlimited potential.

Calling All Material Innovators

Ready to try our next-generation leather alternatives on your products?

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