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A lot has happened since we launched our first shoe. 

Remarkable things are taking shape, from opening a storied showroom in West Hollywood to using Banbū Leather on a Tesla, of all thrilling things. 

The Ballet Flat is currently in stock in three shades (all except Patina, which is so fresh and cool it’s tiptoed out of reach for now). 

For us, testing our alternative leather on a shoe was a very optimistic step, but it begs the question: what does it mean for you? 

Maybe that you don’t take purchases lightly. You’re intentional, discerning and smart.

You think about the impact on the planet and about clutter in your closet. 

Once you’ve done a little research, you’re proud to throw your support behind trailblazers and innovators in all aspects of your consumer life.

These Ballet Flats evoke Audrey Hepburn on several levels. She was famously chic, but she was also a tireless advocate for children’s rights who fought hard to eradicate hunger all over the world. Her performances were legendary and so was her character. 

Similarly, there’s substance and power behind your choice of Banbū Leather shoes. Of course there are many ballet flats to choose from, but they would linger in a landfill for centuries—and set us back instead of changing the world.

Whenever you wear them, you’re making a principled statement that encourages others to step up and channeling an icon who used style in that same impactful way.