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    Introducing The Treasure Trove: Let The Adventure Begin


    If you know our company, you might have noticed we do things differently, whether it’s material innovation (our first love) or boldly expanding into new product categories. Our new rewards program has that same spirit of intellectual curiosity, which is how we know we’re onto something good. 

    Sign up for free to kick things off and earn your first 25 coins. The fastest way to earn more is by sharing von Holzhausen with your friends

    That’s when you can start exploring The Treasure Trove, a collection of gifts and experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Want to have lunch at our showroom, an architectural landmark in Los Angeles? Save your coins! Would you like a vegan swag bag filled with surprises curated by our founder? Join now and start earning.

    The most thrilling of these gifts is also undeniably extravagant. It’s a car made with Banbū Leather, which represents the big, planet-saving ambitions upon which we’ve built our entire brand and our business.

    So… let’s all shoot for the moon! 


    Treasures & Experiences:  

    You can earn coins by shopping on our site, leaving a review, following us on social media and more. One of the quickest ways to collect them is by sharing von Holzhausen with your friends. 

    This one is especially magical, because by sharing our mission, you’re helping us eradicate animal leather and address climate change in a whole new way. 

    Changing the world is not just more feasible with friends, it’s also far more fun. Join the Treasure Trove, round up your crew and enjoy the voyage.