Our Vision of Ethical Style

About our Vegan Leather

Who We Are

von Holzhausen is a future–minded accessories collection with a focus on design, sustainability, and freedom. The line offers timeless, easy–to–wear women’s & men’s designs made from Tecknik–Leather, a 100% animal free and sustainable leather alternative that maintains the look and feel of real leather but possesses greater benefits.


The Founder

Award–winning designer Vicki von Holzhausen began her career in the automotive industry working as a designer for luxury automotive brands including Audi and Mercedes–Benz. After returning to her native Los Angeles, Vicki sought to create a lifestyle brand that would combine her technical expertise with an ethical approach to design in order to offer products that add value to the world.


Our Materials

At the core of the brand is our innovative approach to materials. Technik—leather is a material like no other. It captures the essence of premium leather without the negative environmental impact. We’ve reinvented leather for our future because we have one planet. Why compromise?


Our Factories

All of our bags and accessories are made in world—class factories using skilled artisans who work in the most ethical conditions. This ensures that all those who work on our products receive fair wages and benefits. Ultimately, high wages results in factories that meet our sustainability guidelines and in a superior quality product.


Honest Pricing

Our products are offered directly to you exclusively at vonHolzhausen.com. This allows us the opportunity to leave out the traditional retail mark—up and give you what would normally be the wholesale price.


Giving Back

Giving back is an integral part of life. We give back to a variety of charities that support our local homeless community, our oceans, and animal welfare.

Our current charity partner, Hope Gardens is focused on helping women regain independence through long—term rehabilitation programs and support services. Located in the heart of Skid Row, the homeless center of Los Angeles, Hope Gardens’ primary facility is positioned to deal with these women’s most urgent needs.

Vicki’s Message

“I launched von Holzhausen with the purpose of creating a fashion brand that solves real world problems. My goal is to reinvent leather for the fashion industry with a high–tech alternative that has a low carbon footprint, is ethically made, and has longevity far beyond traditional leather.

As a trained automotive designer, I’ve worked for many prestigious brands including Audi and Mercedes–Benz on both the advanced design teams and production teams. Those experiences have helped me apply my expertise into the development of high–tech materials and designs that appeal to the modern consumer.

I feel that as designers, we have a limited time to solve the environmental issues at hand and I’m committed to using my talents and the von Holzhausen brand to make an impact.”

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