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The Material Innovator Challenge

Calling all material innovators (that’s you)
We’d love to show off your ingenuity.

This is a celebration of the amazing resourcefulness and imagination that we've witnessed over the last few months.

We know you’re not just a human!
You’re a material innovator just like us.

Have you recently turned a wine bottle into a rolling pin/arm weight/best friend? Cans into hair rollers? Beans into breakfast, lunch and dinner? Just about anything into a face mask? Then that is a material innovation (and a great one!).

Just share the material innovation that you’re most proud of with us and it will be displayed on or Innovation Gallery.

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Before you say, “I’m not a material innovator!”…

Here are some simple step by step examples of incredible pieces of ingenuity.
Chances are you’ve done something like this in the last few months.

How to materially
innovate an orange
into a candle
How to materially
innovate cold coffee
into something amazing
How to materially
innovate a wine bottle
into a rolling pin
How to materially
innovate a standing desk
out of a non standing desk
Tee-Shirt into a Face Mask Poster Tee-Shirt into a Face Mask Poster

How To

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If, for a moment, you falter and think ‘is now really the time to celebrate my material innovation?’
Just remember that this is the kind of thinking that’s going to help save Planet Earth.

Step 01 Take a picture or video of your material innovation.
iPhone images work great.
Step 02 Add a brief description
e.g. here is a face mask I made out of one half of a bra.
Step 03 If you want to be more elaborate, write a step by step guide to your incredible material innovation.
Terms The von Holzhausen Material Innovator Challenge terms and conditions can be view here.
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