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Press Release

von Holzhausen Signs Collaboration Agreement with Nanollose to Develop Next-Gen Vegan Leather from Bacterial Cellulose

“Our exciting partnership with Nanollose furthers our commitment to solving the urgent issue of climate change by transforming waste materials into premium ones that can be used across multiple industries. We believe that partnering with Nanollose’s bacterial cellulose technology will accelerate our goal of making leather extinct.” - Vicki von Holzhausen, CEO von Holzhausen

von Holzhausen and Nanollose will work together to develop a premium leather alternative from treated and processed microbial cellulose in various forms.

The vegan leather market is a large market opportunity which has seen exponential growth in recent years. Increasing awareness on the ethical and environmental concerns over the impact of traditional leather production among consumers is a key driver for individuals adopting vegan culture and products. A successful collaboration will provide both companies with a footprint in this large market opportunity with a proven and trusted partner.

Nanollose is a leading bio-materials company, focused on commercializing scalable technology to create fibers and fabrics with minimal environmental impact, is pleased to advise that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with innovative vegan leather and materials company, von Holzhausen Inc.

“We're delighted to be working with von Holzhausen to develop vegan leather. Microbial cellulose is not only vegan, but also natural and biodegradable, making it an ideal component for sustainable vegan materials. Nanollose's expertise in microbial cellulose combined with von Holzhausen's expertise and track record in developing and commercialising vegan leathers makes this an exciting opportunity. I look forward to providing updates to our shareholders on this and other emerging opportunities for Nanollose in the near future.” - Executive Chairman, Dr Wayne Best.