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vH Launch

We Launched a Sustainable Wholesale Program

Wait, is that the sound of sleigh bells?! It must be the holiday season coming into view. 

Family, friends, food, gifts. We’re excited for all of it. We’re less excited about the news that, of the $242 billion* that employers spend on corporate gifts every year, 40% (!) are unwanted and often end up in landfill. 

We realized this ourselves when looking for wholesale programs that offer planet-friendly gifts you won't want to toss in the trash. It's pretty clear that corporate gifting is way overdue for a refresh.

So we made vH wholesale

It’s a unique program with low carbon, plant-based material innovation at its heart. And if you’re someone who buys for stores and brands, organizes team gifting, plans conferences, designs brand activations and cares as much as us about the Earth, then it’s for you!  

The program is super easy to use: you’re invited to work with our design team to align our current styles to your specifications and dream shades. 

And if you already see what you want in the collection, we have products ready to go whenever you need them (did we mention that you can add personalizations?).

Most importantly, every product is aligned with our mission to help stop climate change, because it’s made with premium plant-based and recycled materials. 

Goodbye logoed mugs and branded hoodies. 

Happy *almost* holidays!

*According to retail and technology data insights platform, Coresight