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vH Essay

Paving the Way for Sustainable Fashion

Newsflash! We’re partnering with UCLA FAST (fashion and student trends) to bring earth-friendly materials to the runway, foster innovation and give young creators the tools to create sustainable fashion.

At vH, we believe that it isn’t enough to adapt to the future, we need to actively shape it, and the vision, courage and innovation of the next generation is central to that.

There’s no denying the reality: fashion is still the third most polluting industry in the world* thanks to cheap synthetic fabrics, textile dyeing and a slew of other issues. But change is on the horizon thanks, in part, to massive innovation in plant-based materials, and this is why we jumped at the opportunity to share ours with the students at UCLA.

If you’d like to support our future fashion designers, please visit And watch this space for exciting ideas and updates!

*Source: Climate Trade