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vH Essay

Women's History Month

Pioneering Progress for All

It’s been 104 years since women got the vote in the US, but in 2024, it still isn’t exactly easy to be a female leader. It gets a whole lot harder if you come from a minority ethnic or social group. 

At von Holzhausen, we’re proud to be a woman and minority-led business* pioneering a better way forward in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) industries. Across the sector, one that’s vitally important in the effort to create a livable future for humans, women still only represent 34% of the workforce**. We believe that something way closer to parity is needed if we want to have a healthy world.
In honor of Women’s History month, we sat down with Jessie, a von Holzhausen material scientist, to hear what it’s actually like to be a female working in STEM. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in science?

The lab is the perfect synthesis of aspects that appealed to me in a career: finding patterns, being curious, and working on tangible, beautiful things.

What’s it like being a female scientist paving the way of innovation and change?

I'm grateful to the women before me who made a space for us in science, and I'm proud to honor their legacy by leveraging materials science to build a more sustainable world for everyone.

How can we get more women excited about working in STEM?

I think we are already on the right track! Being on the cutting edge of science and sustainability at a women-owned business inspires me every day, and the more of us there are in the space, the more women in STEM become the rule, not the exception.

Someone just gave you a time machine. What female scientist will you go back and meet?

Marie Curie without a doubt. She remains the only person to have a Nobel Prize in two different science categories!