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vH Essay

Our Year Of The Plant

Well here we are at the end of 2023. Congratulations on making it through one more year on this spinning rock. For us at vH, this year has been very, very green. Plant green. 

Here are some of our top plant-forward moments of 2023, to celebrate replacing all plastic and leather forever. 

That time we launched Liquidplant
Before Liquidplant, the only options for durable, affordable topcoats were petroleum-derived PVC and PU, which become microplastics when they break down. Then came Liquidplant: a 100% plant-based, low carbon, toxin-free, and circular topcoat that leaves no plastic trace behind since it’s made from plants. See ya, plastic topcoats.

That time we made a car interior out of bamboo 
CUPRA built an E.V. with a show stopping interior made from a custom luxe version of our Banbū. The car was launched at the IAA show in Munich alongside the world’s biggest automotive brands. 

That time we designed a driving glove 
Sometimes you need to reinvent the wheel, and the gloves on the hands that steer it. Our Banbū gloves were created out of the same velvet-y and durable material we used for the CUPRA. They’re luxe, sustainable, and feel so good you don’t want to take them off. 

That time we created a material out of plant waste 
We said, what about a soft, durable material made from agricultural waste that would otherwise be burned on the harvest floor? So we made Replant. Then we used it to reimagine the iconic 1969 Soriana chair and create the ultimate backpack (sign up for the waitlist here).

That time we put Banbū through its paces
First: a low carbon, biodegradable breakthrough material made from 83% bamboo. Next: a thousand rubs, bends, and everything else we could throw at it, to make sure its high bio content was matched by performance and durability. It passed. 

That time we got certified as 100% women-led and received some awards
The certification process to become an official Women's Business Enterprise was long and meticulous but ohhh-so worth it. And many thanks to Wallpaper, Fast Company, Core77, and SEAL for recognizing our innovations. 

That year we kept innovating
There were all-nighters in the lab, breakthrough experiments, and accelerating global climate impacts. But we love science, we love design, we love Planet Earth and we’re only just getting started.

Look out 2024.