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vH Essay

Material Vision

Happy Earth Month!

You know by now that for us, every month is Earth Month. But this year feels extra special.

We’re launching a platform that explores how we can collaborate with other innovators to create materials that are unlike anything seen before. Materials that go beyond the idea of leather and beyond the norm of superficial color and texture.

We call this approach Material Vision.

Through innovative design and trailblazing chemistry, we’re moving beyond simply replicating animal skins. Why carry the legacy of leather, when the future of materials should look well - futuristic?

Leather is an old idea for a new time, and we’re inviting collaborators to join us in shaping the future of materials.

Your vision might look something like Liquidplant - our 100% bio-based material that can work as a final composite or topcoat (did we mention it’s now ready to purchase?). Or something totally novel. We love working collaboratively with our clients to make unique materials that inspire change.

Have an idea for turning plants into a unique expression?
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