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Giant Kelp Restoration: The Bay Foundation's Mission in Action

Please meet The Bay Foundation

They’re a small but mighty organization working to restore the waters and shoreline of Santa Monica Bay, not too far from vH HQ in southern California. This Valentine’s, when you buy one of our accessories, enjoy knowing that 5% is going to The Bay Foundation, to help the kelp. 

The Bay Foundation knows a thing or two about caring for our planet. Right now, they and their partners have an inspiring 22 coastal restoration projects underway (see here to learn more) in support of the amazing things that can happen when plants, animals, fish and humans coexist.

In the Bay, giant sea kelp supports the wellbeing of 750 different species including kelp bass, California spiny lobster, abalones, marine mammals, birds, and fish. 

It provides nurseries for sea life, feeds marine animals, protects fragile shorelines from erosion and sequesters atmospheric carbon emitted by human activity dissolved into the ocean (20 times more per acre than land forests!)

In the last 100 years, 80% of the kelp in the Bay has been lost to development, urban runoff and overfishing. But with the right conditions, kelp can grow back 2 feet a day, only half a foot less than our beloved bamboo

Your support for The Bay Foundation through our accessories this Valentine's isn't just a purchase, it's a pledge to heal our planet.