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9 Vegan Leather Handbags To Tote In 2023

Vegan leather is in, and it’s here to stay. While leather requires the skin of animals, faux and vegan leather offer alternatives that keep us looking good and doing good. And not only is it better for the world, it’s better for our closets and wallets too: Vegan leather is almost always cheaper than the real thing, and can be versatile and adapted to whatever our needs are.

Not all vegan leather is created equally, though. When you can, avoid vegan leather created from polyvinyl chloride or PVC for short. PVC is not biodegradable and ends up creating microplastics that are ingested by fish and other animals. Plus, the production of PVC results in the creation of dioxin, a highly toxic manmade contaminant that remains in the body for a long time. Add on the fact that PVC isn't easy to recycle and is often mixed with phthalates (cancer-causing chemicals) during production, and we're sold on using it as little as possible.

We’ve found nine brands that are crafting rocking vegan handbags and purses, proudly wearing that “cruelty-free” badge. These brands opt for upcycled materials, polyurethane leather (vegan leather), and organic cotton and twill for handbags made to complement any outfit or occasion.

von Holzhausen is a direct-to-consumer brand hailing from Malibu. Touting ethical, sustainable styles, this timeless brand crafts accessories for all genders, including bucket bags, totes, and crossbodies. Everything is made from either Technik-Leather, a proprietary blend of recycled plastic bottles, or plant-based leather. Even the packaging is eco-friendly! As an added bonus, von Holzhausen offers monograms and alterations on select products, as well as payment plans. This vegan brand is worth it.

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