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Tesla North

Tesla Model S Plaid with von Holzhausen Vegan Leather at Petersen Museum

Tesla’s Model S Plaid is on display in the automaker’s exhibition at the Petersen Automotive Museum, featuring a vegan leather interior from designer Vicki von Holzhausen.

This von Holzhausen vegan leather interior was used by auto-tuning company and electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts Unplugged Performance, first announced this summer. You can see the Model S Plaid on display in the images shared with Tesla North above.

Additionally, the vegan leather is made out of a proprietary Banbü leather crafted out of bamboo. Following the exhibition’s end next year, the vehicle will be raffled off to a lucky customer.

The vegan leather in the Tesla Model S Plaid is a deep red color dubbed “Serrano,” and it apparently has a 33 percent less global warming potential, saving as much as 16,307 gallons of water in production per vehicle, said von Holzhausen in an email to Tesla North.

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