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The Hottest Label in Fashion Is ‘Vegan’

Faux fur. Fake snake. Mock croc. We’ve entered a golden age of cruelty-free fabrics that take animal welfare and environmental concerns into account. More and more clothing and accessories are now made from organic materials such as temple flowers, mulberry leaves or apple cores—and the list goes on. 

Hugo Boss and Chanel have worked with leather made from pineapples. Stella McCartney is making bags using mushroom leather. Eco-conscious designers are discovering more and more sources, from coconuts to hemp to beech tree fiber, for making natural, breathable materials.

When Kylie Jenner recently launched her new apparel brand, she celebrated with a star-studded party featuring a cruelty-free dress code. The runway has found a new way. Vegan fashion is here to stay—and it’s moving beyond the catwalk.  

Last year, vegan brand von Holzhausen launched the world’s first 100 percent plant-based high-performance topcoat to replace the plastic topcoating on car interiors, canvas tote bags and even cereal boxes. Its products also feature sustainable animal-free leathers made from bamboo or agricultural waste. German sneaker company nat-2 transforms recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles into a luxe material that looks like suede.

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