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VH Essay

Get Inspired By Our Very Special Showroom

We’ve been looking for the perfect space to house our showroom and material library for years. At last: we’ve found it!

Welcome to the Lloyd Wright Studio, a historic landmark in West Hollywood, CA that was completed in 1927. Among other wonders, it’s known for an enchanting concrete block pattern inspired by Joshua trees.

Inside, there’s a magical quality that was perfectly expressed by the writer and diarist Anaïs Nin, who visited the space in the mid-1940s.  

“There was so much to see in the room that one could not become aware of it all at once… Everything gave a feeling of luxury created by aesthetics, not by money. By the work of the hands and imagination.”

That’s exactly how we felt when we first experienced the space, a compact building on a small corner lot with a wealth of corridors to explore and details to discover. 

Used by Lloyd Wright as a dual-purpose residence and architectural studio, Wright received both clients and guests during his time there. Our goal was to undertake a historic renovation with reverence, bringing the space back to its former glory in order to preserve it for decades to come.

This magical studio now houses our showroom behind its high walls located on a busy street. Our collection intermingles with the green pattern blocks, providing us with endless inspiration for colors and materials.

We look forward to sharing the history and beauty of the Lloyd Wright space with you through upcoming events. Make sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss a moment.