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Vicki von Holzhausen Makes Vegan Leather Luxurious With Her Handbag Brand

Vicki von Holzhausen is the founder of von Holzhausen, a line of sustainable, minimally branded accessories that are aiming to be the Tesla of handbags. Von Holzhausen began her career as an automotive designer in Europe, working on advanced vehicles for some of the most well known European automakers. While in Europe, she became intrigued with fashion design, especially the aspirational and lifestyle elements that were very similar to the cars she was designing.  

"My experiences allowed me to see fashion from a different perspective and come up with a unique point of view, which I brought to the collection I envisioned"

Vicki von Holzhausen

While launching her eponymous collection, von Holzhausen’s aim was to find a better way of creating accessories with a focus on sustainable style, merging an ethical approach with a minimalist vibe. Von Holzhausen used her expertise to find traditional materials made in an environmentally conscious way, as well as more advanced, unique materials from the auto industry, combining them with clean and timeless shapes.

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