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VH Essay

Can Trash Transform Into Leather?

Some people think the future is garbage. Not us. We’re solution junkies! That’s exactly why we’re so excited to partner with Nanollose, a biotech materials company. Together, we’re creating a leather alternative made from trash.


It’s super cool and scientific. Here’s how it works:

  1. Nanollose captures waste from the food and agriculture industries and feeds it to bacteria in order to create high-yielding cellulose fiber.  

  2. This is key: no trees are needed to make this fiber. That means it requires no land, sun or fertilizer—and hardly any water.

  3. We’re using this tree-free fiber as the basis for our next alternative leather, coating it with bio-resin and making it look and feel like the premium material you love.

  4. The material is designed to last for generations, but it’s also biodegradable in case it ever ends up in a landfill.


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