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14 Best Laptop Cases for Stylish Tech Protection

Best Laptop Case For Work: The MacBook 13" Portfolio

Your laptop is your workspace, your finances, and every form of entertainment you could imagine all stored conveniently in a metal rectangle that you admittedly toss onto the desk a bit too haphazardly. Maybe you've even dropped it off your bed before on a particularly lazy afternoon. Who can say?

A laptop case won't prevent all of your couch potato tendencies from breaking the good stuff inside but it can make it all a little less likely. They're great for keeping your laptop safe and scratch-free in big backpacks, or for carrying under your arm from meeting to meeting. It's high time you invested in one that shows up to do its job, so that you can do yours.

The MacBook 13" Portfolio

This von Holzhausen portfolio case is an ideal option for work. It looks professional, first of all, and its magnetic flap closure makes it easy to get your laptop into and out of as you go to and from meetings.

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