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From Cars to Carryalls

Designer Vicki von Holzhausen has always taken the road less traveled, and she's ready to shift gears again.

What does it take to succeed as a designer in the competitive world of fashion? For Vicki von Holzhausen, a certain mental cocktail helps. Call it creativity spiked with logic. “My brain works as a mixture of a problem solver and an artist,” says Malibu-based von Holzhausen, who launched her eponymous brand of sleek, chic purses and accessories in 2015. Her CV is full of previous jobs at heavy-hitting luxury brand names, which also hasn’t hurt. But if you’re thinking Chanel or Louis Vuitton, you’re heading down the wrong road. Instead, think Mercedes-Benz and Audi. von Holzhausen got her start in the automotive industry. When she switched from designing cars to designing handbags, it may have looked like a radical departure—but it wasn’t. In fact, by bridging the two industries, she’s made a game-changing discovery: gorgeous leather goods don’t have to be leather at all. They can be made of something smarter.

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