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    What Does Vegan Leather Smell Like? 

    We’re So Glad You Asked.

    It’s an esoteric question—one that material scientists love to ponder!  We’ve been exploring it in our lab because we work with partners who want to create a complete sensory experience. It’s not just about achieving the durability, look and feel of leather. It’s also about establishing a signature scent that’s novel, memorable and unique.  To that end, we’re proud to introduce The Banbū Leather Candle. With notes of incense, iris, cardamom, cumin and clove, it represents groundbreaking materials created in harmony with nature.  To make it, we teamed up with a luxury candle company called Lola James Harper. We’re aligned on so many things from the packaging (a 100% recyclable box) and ingredients (premium and vegan) to the overall quality (elevated and sublime).

    We created a very limited run with the idea that we’ll explore more material scents in the future. As of today, we’re releasing a handful to the public. It makes a spectacular holiday gift! Whenever you light it, we invite you to envision a brighter world.  Warning: may cause innovation. Strike a match and share the glow!