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your questions,

here are the top questions you’ve been asking
since we’ve launched our technik-leather


So What Does
“Vegan Leather”
Even Mean?

Think of it like going to a restaurant and ordering a veggie burger. It’s similar, but different, right? We are trying to change the conversation around leather, because we believe there are cruelty-free alternatives that are just as great if not better than the real thing. We choose to use the term “vegan leather” over “pleather” because we feel that it is a more accurate depiction of our material.


What is
Actually Made Out of?

So glad you asked! Technik-Leather is created from recycled fibers which results in large amounts of plastic being diverted from landfills.

It has a topcoat made from water-based polyurethane which helps to provide longevity and performance such as water, stain, and scratch resistance. Technik-Leather is 100% vegan, contains no formaldehyde or chromium, has low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no waste factor, no PVC, and no toxic by-products.


Is Technik-Leather
the Same Thing as Pleather?

While Technik-Leather is a polyurethane-based material, it is of a much higher grade than most faux leather bags you will find on the market as it has to meet higher standards for durability and sustainability. Pleather carries a negative connotation and we don’t believe that term accurately reflects how our material actually looks and feels.


Why are the Bags so
Expensive if They’re
Not Real Leather?

We want you to know that we do everything we can to offer you the best quality products at the best possible prices. There’s a stereotype in the industry that non leather bags should be cheaper than the “real deal” and while we understand where that perspective comes from, what’s different about our material is that it’s a premium synthetic material with roots in the luxury automotive industry. We believe it’s even greater quality than leather. It still has the feel of leather, but with the additional benefits of being water resistant, scratch proof and free of imperfections so that it will actually last much longer.

Prices are also driven up by the fact that we produce everything in ethically run factories by talented craftsmen who are paid fair wages. Despite all this, we still sell direct to you exclusively on our website, which means that our prices don’t include the traditional 5x retail markup that many brands charge.


What Makes
the Bags Sustainable?

Our carbon footprint is approximately 24x lower than traditional leather bag brands and lowered even further by the fact that we produce as close to home as possible, cutting down on emissions in the transporting of goods. In addition, Technik-Leather is created in rolls, unlike uneven cow hides, allowing our patterns to lay side by side with little waste between each piece.


How Do You Clean
von Holzhausen Bags?

One of the best aspects of Technik-Leather is that it can easily be cleaned with soap and water! See here for full cleaning instructions.


Can the Bags be Recycled?

First and foremost, our bags are built to last our customers a very long time. Imagine how long the seat of a luxury car lasts and how often you sit on it, day in and day out. Our bags are derived from this same material and are highly durable. However, if people do choose to dispose of their bag, we partner with TerraCycle to make sure they are recycled properly.


Do You Have
Any Retail Locations?

At the moment, we only sell direct-to-consumer on our website.

However, we do events and pop-up shops throughout the year mostly in Los Angeles in New York. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you’re informed about any pop-ups in your area.


How Can I Feel the Material?

We are now offering complimentary coaster swatches so that anyone can have the chance to touch and feel the material before committing to a purchase. All that we ask is you cover the cost of shipping! Find out how to grab your swatch HERE.

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