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Why the best leather bag isn’t leather


Technik-Leather – an animal-free, sustainably produced material that’s just as luxe and durable as the real thing.


The leather tanning industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world.

Livestock production is the single largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, more than planes, trains and cars combined.

Removing leather production from the accessories industry moves us towards a more sustainable future by lessening our environmental impact.1

a material like no other


woven fiber layer

Creates a supple hand while providing high performance.


micro-foam layer

A ultra-thin layer of foam mimics the natural properties of skin.



Our unique texture is impressed into the resin layer, capturing the subtle look of natural gain and long-lasting color vibrancy without any of the toxins associated with traditional leather dying and tanning. This process allows for ultimate inspiration to occur.


protective surface

Our top surface adds extreme durability and low maintenance. It protects against stains, liquids, moisture, odors, and scratches. The top layer can be tuned for added function like anti-microbial or ink resistance. This gives you the freedom to live worry-free.



All of our bags are lined with microfiber made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Our lining looks and feels incredibly similar to suede made from animal hides, but without the negative impact on animals or the environment. It has a refined and supple texture that pairs beautifully with Technik-Leather.

Our Promise

minimum waste

Should you decided to retire your bag, please email us at and we will ensure your bag is recycled.