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frequently asked questions

Below is everything you ever wanted to know about The Treasure Trove.

01 What’s The Treasure Trove?

It’s a fun way to collect coins used for gifts and experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

02 How do I earn coins?

There are many ways to collect coins, from writing reviews and referring friends to simply shopping on our website. If you join our The Treasure Trove and log in before shopping, you’ll earn 1 coin for every $1 you spend. You can also easily earn coins by referring friends who are new to von Holzhausen.

03 Is The Treasure Trove free to join?

Yes, we'd love to have you. As a matter of fact, you'll get 25 coins just for signing up.

04 What kind of gifts and experiences can I unlock with coins?

Immeasurable treasures. They range from a sleek vegan Credit Card Holder to a private tour of our historic headquarters. For the true von Holzhausen connoisseur, we offer the most exclusive reward of all: a custom electric vehicle made with Banbū Leather!

05 I’m an international customer. Can I still join?

Absolutely. We ship to most countries and welcome Treasure Trove members from all over the world.

06 Can I still earn coins if I purchase one of your products from an Apple store?

No—sorry. In order to earn coins, you’ll need to sign in, then shop on our website.

07 I forgot to log in before making a purchase. Can I still receive coins?

Unfortunately no. In order to earn coins, you need to log in, then complete your purchase.

08 Can I get coins if I check out as a guest?

No, you need to log in first so we know it’s you!

09 Where can I view my coins and account info?

10 How do I use my coins toward a purchase?

Visit The Treasure Trove to get a unique code you can use at checkout. It’s all very rewarding.

11 Are there any restrictions to this program?

Yes, please review our terms and conditions here.

12 Do my coins ever expire?

Yes, coins expire after one year of inactivity. Once you earn them, be sure to use them within 12 months.

13 How do I join The Treasure Trove?

Start by creating an account (it’s fast and free). After that, you can earn coins by shopping on our website, referring your friends and more.

14 How do I refer a friend?

Visit The Treasure Trove to share von Holzhausen with your friends via email. If you prefer, you can also copy a dedicated link and send it to friends yourself.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Give a friend $50 off their first order. (new customers only!)

  2. Once they complete a purchase over $295, you’ll get 250 coins.

Please note this can take up to 30 days for processing.

15 How many times can I refer a friend?

As many times as you like. We understand—we get excited about alternative leather and saving the planet, too! Please note this program applies to first-time purchases from new customers only.

16 What happens if I refer a friend and they return part of their order or their entire order?

Our bags are so well designed that most people want to keep them (and get other colors). However, if your friend’s total is less than $295 after a return, you won’t receive coins.

17 Can I use more than one discount code with my purchase?

No, discount codes can’t be combined.

18 Can I earn coins for past purchases?

Unfortunately not. You need to be a member of The Treasure Trove and log in before shopping in order to earn coins.

19 When will my coins be available to use?

It depends on how you earned them. Some are available immediately (like the coins you receive for joining) while others (like posting a review or following us on social media) take up to 30 days to post.

20 I returned an item. Can I keep the coins?

Nope. If you initiate a return (which needs to happen within 14 days, by the way) your coins will be removed when you receive your refund.