Summer Reads: Independent Magazines
with a Fresh Perspective

As we start to think about Labor Day weekend travels and what we'll be packing, we've decided to skip the typical airport newsstand reads this season and gravitate towards more independent magazines with a fresh perspective and strong focus on design.  Here are some of our picks that we'll have in hand while soaking up the last rays of summer sun. 


The ultimate example in minimalism, Cereal is a great go-to read for travel and decor inspiration that's simplistic yet stylish.  The photography is so stunning that once you've sifted through each and every page, you can plop it on your coffee table and keep coming back to it for months to come. 


Focused on living a slow lifestyle that prioritizes community, Kinfolk is another artful mag that publishes quarterly.  Featuring a mix of recipes, photo essays and thoughtful interviews, you can't pick up a copy of this publication and not find inspiration in its pages. 


Our daily cup of coffee is not only a necessity -- it's  a routine that we take comfort and joy in. The team at Drift must feel the same way.  They've built an entire brand around telling stories about global locales and the people who drink coffee there. We can't wait to see which caffeinated city they profile next. 


Much of our design inspiration comes from other creative forms -- auto design, art, and of course architecture and decor.  Dwell is our favorite resource for modern interiors and architecture inspiration that we eat up like Sunday brunch.  If you want eye candy, this is it.