When it comes to luxury handbags, there are certain elements that simply can’t be compromised. All von Holzhausen bags are timelessly designed and meticulously crafted.

Painted Edges

Our craftsmen and women cut each bag by hand and care for every detail, from the painted edges and hand-stitched details down to our signature “v” incorporated into each piece. Did you know that each edge is painted 7 times?

Italian Leather

In addition to this immaculate attention to detail, we source all our leather and liner from the best family-run tanneries in Italy. Each bag is fully lined in our signature light grey suede. Our thoughtful color choice ensures that you’ll always be able to see every item in your bag—lost keys, no more!


Weight is also crucial. All our bags are designed to be lightweight and to be carried everywhere and all day long, so that they’re never a burden – only your greatest companion.

Made in the USA

Each von Holzhausen bag is created in our family-run workshop in the USA. This way we can maintain a superior level of quality. And we’re proud to be able to work with these talented craftsmen.

Signature Shapes

And last but not least, it won’t come as a surprise that our expertise is in design! That’s why all our shapes are signature shapes, from the silhouettes to the signature “V” cut-outs, to the hand-knotted details. Our logos are always understated, located inside every bag and embossed in silver. A beautiful, understated touch on a timeless design.