We are just crazy for denim this month. And we’re not just talking about jeans – that good old, must-have wardrobe staple - we are talking about our bags in denim leather!

Our denim leather adds a little pop of color to our muted color palette - in the most minimal, understated way of course. Much like your favorite pair of jeans, our denim leather goes with just about anything in your wardrobe.  And we have four beautiful designs to choose from:

Denim Leather Tote

A classic.  Even in denim this tote was an instant classic.  Roomy, lightweight and elegant, but with that modern, minimal look.  Perfect for those ‘blue’ days at work.

Denim Leather Mini Bucket

A classic-in-the-making.  Our denim mini-bucket is fast becoming one of our best-selling bags.  And we can see why. Fun and playful, but not frivolous in any way. Great with jeans. (Yes, denim with denim.)

Denim Leather Fold-Over Clutch

A one-of-a-kind. Our unique oversized clutch is supple and very wearable.  Looks great with sharp, black outfit.

Denim Leather Pouch

A stylish mini clutch in its own right, or really just the softest leather pouch.  Use it any way you like.  And here’s an insiders tip; you’ll receive the pouch in its accompanying shade when you order our denim tote or denim mini bucket :)