Vicki's Styling Tips:
The Cage Crossbody

It’s been a while since we put the focus on our Cage Crossbody.  But with summer days on the horizon, now is as good a time as ever to put the spotlight on our Cage. We have a feeling this might very well be the only bag you will want to wear all summer long…

The Cage Crossbody is available in three muted colors: Black, Caramel, and Taupe and – unsurprisingly – these all work great with jeans! If you don’t already own a pair, invest in a great pair of jeans, preferably a light wash.  These crossbody looks are all centered around that summer staple.


And for our black leather crossbody we like to keep things very minimal.  A grey shirt, those blue jeans, and you’re good to go. 


We have expressed our love for stripes and caramel leather in previous posts, and the Cage Crossbody in Caramel is no exception.  Think a tad 1960’s Brigitte Bardot, but in a very minimalist way: striped shirt, sweet light blue denim and our caramel cage.


As much as we love taupe + black, the taupe and ivory [beige?] combination also works like a charm. Pair with blue jeans.  Chic and understated, exactly the way we like it.  Nothing to be cagey about! ; )