Some of you may be feeling the heat already, while others may see the word ‘spring’ on the calendar, but are clearly feeling winter the minute you step out the door in the morning. (Yikes!)  However…. we bet all of you are excited about your spring wardrobe!

We sure are, and our current collection matches those feelings.  And honestly, is there anything more uplifting than picking out your spring/summer clothes and accessories, and envisioning how and when you’re going to wear everything?

To get you off to a great start, here is how we anticipate and look forward to wearing our bags:  A stylish, classic trench with our black leather Clutch, for those rainy spring days.  Our leather Tote in denim adds a hint of color to a little white tee and stylish black pants.

And why is it that caramel and stripes work so well together?  Our Bucket backpack in caramel and a Breton striped sweater are a delicious pairing.  We hope we got you in the mood for some spring shopping with these options.  We know what we will be wearing.  Happy planning!