How to Materially Innovate

Table tennis using white boards and a keyboard stand.

  1. Be a nerd and have two giant whiteboards at your place. The one’s I used have dimensions ~ 48x36 inches.
  2. Place the boards so as to form a long table. I used a keyboard stand and two chairs. If you are missing a keyboard stand, you can use 4 chairs or any furniture that can support the boards.
  3. Time for the net! Take a cardboard sheet or thick paper. I used pages from a housing brochure. Keeping the cardboard in landscape, decide the height of the net and draw a line parallel to the length of the paper. Make cuts at every ~3 cms from the bottom of the sheet up till the line you just drew. At the cuts, fold the sheet towards you, followed by no fold and then away from you. Repeat the fold pattern till the end of the sheet. Use multiple sheets of needed.
  4. If you used more than one sheet of cardboard like I did, staple them together.
  5. Place this cardboard net between the tables and push the tables into each other to hold firm of the net.
  6. Voila! Get at it with fam and host tournaments.

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