How to Materially Innovate

A Play Kitchen made out of cardboard boxes

1- Before throwing the cardboard boxes you have at home, just gather them and think about a design for a Play Kitchen, to entertain your little one FOR FREE.


2- Create the kitchen design you want according to the boxes sizes you have and try to make it functional as much as possible, try to work on a scale that fit your child.


3- Stick the boxes together according to your desired design, and start to cut the openings of the oven, the sink, the fridge, the cabinet and the microwave.


4- Work on details.

Put shelves, use a bowl for the sink ( Stainless steel one would be perfect and realistic), stick door handles and oven knobs, stick a towel handle, sink handles and spout...


5- Paint it to make it colorful and realistic or you can just leave it on its natural pretty cardboard color.


6- Let your child enjoy playing 😊 I'm sure you'll enjoy playing too because the result is so nice and you will be proud of what you have accomplished 😀




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