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    What are the must-have bags for Summer 2021?

    Circle Bag and Zipper Crossbody


    Small crossbody bags have always been a popular choice, but there has been a very noticeable upswing in the number of small – and sometimes even tiny – bags we’ve spotted while out and about recently. This is not a coincidence, of course. Most of us haven’t had a commute in over a year, and the need for an everyday big carryall has simply decreased.


    Now when we go out, we want freedom! We want to be active and mobile. We need something handsfree that fits all our essentials. Nothing more and nothing less. There is also something incredibly encouraging about the small bag trend. It allows us to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, perhaps. It’s almost as if carrying less means worrying less. Whether that’s true or not is for you to find out, but it’s certainly a philosophy we can get behind.


    Here are the must-have small bags for summer 2021:


    Banbū Circle Bag

    We’re starting off strong with our Circle Bag. Not only is this one of the most innovative vegan crossbodies out there right now (we created this bag using bamboo, and it is the first ever plant-based leather bag of its kind).  It also wins top spot in terms of design. Circle and half-moon shaped bags are more popular than ever.


    Zipper Crossbody

    The Zipper Crossbody is our understated beauty. But don’t let the minimal sleek exterior fool you. This vegan crossbody in our Technik leather is as functional as it is beautiful. With a large exterior pocket, interior pocket and a zipper closure, this will be your staple bag on most days. Get it in cherry red, if you want to be on trend. Popping colors are having a huge moment this summer.


    Micro Bag

    If you want to carry even less without having to sacrifice function, the Micro Bag is definitely for you. This smallest of bags simply defines freedom and is easy on the eye with its no-frills functional elegance. It has slowly but steadily become one of the most popular bags of 2021. With options such as Apple Pay and Venmo, your phone is often all you need when you leave the house. (But don’t worry, if you do want to bring a credit card, our vegan Micro Bag does have a separate pocket for your card.)


    Whatever your vibe, it looks like the mini bag trend is here to stay.