“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.’ -Arundhati Roy. 

In 2020, 7 billion people went through the first unified experience ever. Covid-19, yes. But also the letting go of the old world. 

The economy is gone. School is gone. Dinners out are gone. Hugs are gone. But, look at the incredible things we’re discovering about ourselves and each other in the process - our resilience, our compassion, our adaptation. 

As we stand in the hope of our imminent freedom by way of revolutionary vaccines, we hope to step into a new, better world.

For us at von Holzhausen, we aspire to create this new world by fixing the problems caused by the old world and outdated systems.

Our focus this year is to lessen our reliance on petrochemicals through new plant-based and bio-based formulations in all of our materials.

In 2021, we will:

  • Use materials that already exit by way of creating materials with more that 50% recycled content.
  • Launch our plant-based and bio-based materials to lessen the need for petroleum.
  • Use our additive that speeds up biodegradation on all of our materials. This will ensure that our bags biodegrade if they end up in a landfill at the end of their life.

Thank you for supporting us through this journey and we look forward to experiencing these first breaths of the new world together. 


Happy 2021! Much Love,

 Vicki von Holzhausen