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Slouchy bags have had many moments throughout the years, but recently there’s been a real emergence of the slouchy bag trend that seems to be going hand in hand with the mood of the moment. We’ve been easing back into regular life for a while now, and even though everyone is excited, the general mood has been decidedly laid-back. And not just over here in California!

Perhaps we all crave a little bit of comfort right now, and in terms of accessories, nothing screams comfort like a soft and supple slouchy bag. Think drapey forms, pliable fabrics and easy-to-wear styles. The type of bag you wear casually on your shoulder while making a clear statement: I want comfort and functionality, but I also love quality and a little bit of luxury.

With that in mind, it might be time to disregard your overly structured bag in favor of a slouchier style. We recommend these two!

Our brand-new Sac is definitely the slouchiest style in our collection. Our buttery soft Banbū leather gives it that extra slouchy touch, while our signature knotted cording travels all around the bag and loops into the handles creating a beautiful relaxed silhouette. It’s an effortless crossbody-style bag that is both functional and luxurious.

A more elevated slouchiness (if you will) comes in the form of our new Banbū Shoulder Bag. This style is more structured than the Sac, but also has that relaxed sophisticated vibe. The light structure gives it a touch of elegance while our luxuriously soft Banbū leather highlights the suppleness of the bag. This is a style that will get you noticed yet is so wearable you won’t think twice about reaching for it no matter what the occasion.

Let’s call it everyday luxury. And we all deserve some of that right now.