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    The Caramel Tote:
    Our Timeless Classic for Fall

    As we begin to transition into fall, we're loving our Caramel Tote more than ever. The creamy rich color works beautifully with a chic autumn wardrobe, and it’s no secret that the Tote has always been our go-to bag for everyday essentials.
    This time of year lends itself to a whole new wave of inspiration. Think rich and neutral colors, the falling of leaves, and a sometimes moody but elegant backdrop. We have great things in store for you this fall, but we’re opening the season with this timeless classic.

    Our Totes are hand-made by master craftsman in small batches right here in the US. That's why we can ensure the quality of each piece, from the painted edges to the silver embossed logo, we believe that quality should come through
    in every detail.