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‘Tis the season of giving and what could be wrong with that? Nothing really, except it can get trashy. Between Thanksgiving and New Years Americans generate 25% more trash. Meaning that each week of the holiday season we could fill an additional 140,000 garbage trucks. From Single-use gift wrapping to the waste that comes with seasonal decorations and unwanted presents collecting dust in closets there are a few small changes you can make to help keep your holidays merry, bright, and waste-free.

  • Get creative with gift wrapping and re-use materials from around your house. Some great options include old clothing, paper grocery bags, and natural materials you can forage (such as eucalyptus or pine)
  • If you are unable to use gift wrapping you already have be sure to make eco-friendly choices when selecting materials. Avoid plastic tape and foil wrapping paper as it cannot be recycled.
  • Think quality over quantity. Give gifts that you know they will actually use vs more things that will create more waste.
  • Choose natural decorations, LED lights that use less energy, and re-use your decorations year after year. Artificial christmas trees need to be used on average 7 times in order to match the environmental impact of a real christmas tree.
  • Not sure what to get them? Give them a digital gift card to ensure they’ll pick out something they’ll use or make a donation on their behalf to their favorite non-profit.

Happy gifting!