Our Brand Mission: Sustainable Materials

Part of our brand mission is to create a holistic vision of sustainability and we're constantly searching for new ways to achieve this.

Last year, we discovered an interesting new material that I found through my previous connections in the auto industry.  It’s a non-leather leather that has all the beauty of traditional leather, but with some very attractive added qualities.  The quality I like most is that it always looks pristine. It’s also stain resistant, scratch resistance, water resistant and 1/3 the weight of leather. 

This non-leather leather is 100% animal free and sustainably produced.  It’s what you call an “intelligent material” with science behind it.  In a lot of ways, it's more special than leather since it takes a lot more effort and know-how to produce.

We would love to hear your thoughts about a material like this.  Does it seem attractive to you?  It does to us ; )

Write us at hello@vonholzhausen.com and let us know your thoughts.