This Bag is Not A Virgin - Making Plastic Disappear


    You asked, we listened. 

    As a future-focused brand, we’re constantly innovating to ensure our materials are held to the highest standards of sustainability and environmental impact. 

    Technik-Leather was born from the need to find an alternative to the harmful leather industry, knowing that the Global Fashion Agenda deemed leather “the most unsustainable material of all commonly used fashion materials.” we created a material that had the qualities we loved without the negative impact. Although experts agree vegan leather made from PVC or PU is a more sustainable alternative to leather there is one problem- it’s not biodegradable.

    So when we set out to make a bag out of recycled materials the idea of making a bag out of trash that would also end up being trash itself one day didn’t sit right with us. 


    But before the trash talk - let’s talk about virginity. Technically speaking of course.

    A virgin material is any previously unused raw material and virgin materials currently dominate the fashion industry. This is important to challenge because according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation it’s estimated that less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing is recycled into something more. We have plenty of stuff on this planet already, let’s use it.

    This bag is not a virgin.

    Each Mini Crossbody is made from 18.75 plastic bottles. Each bag conserves 1.1 Acres of Land, 5,389 gallons of water, and has a 33% lower carbon footprint compared to a traditional leather bag. It is made from 80% recycled materials and has a protective top layer.

    The material is designed, just as Technik-Leather 1.0, to last you. It’s stain, scratch, and water resistant. The designs are timeless, seasonless, and made to be versatile and functional because we believe a good bag should last you a lifetime.  

    However, if your new bag ends up in a landfill it'll biodegrade within 5 years. Since our material does not have any toxic chemical coatings this allows the process of hydrolysis to occur within a landfill condition. This process will only occur in a landfill environment and not under normal circumstances or during daily use. 


    Get to know Technik-leather 2.0.

    We are beyond excited to introduce our first Technik-Leather 2.0 style. Turning our trash into a biodegradable leather is not a simple process, but it’s an important one. We’ve created this collection in small batches to ensure the bags live up to our expectations for quality and sustainability.