New Year’s Message from our Founder

    As material innovators, our goal is to solve the real-world problem of climate change through science and innovation. Last year we were able to offer you better, more sustainable products made with the most advanced, next generation, leather alternatives:


    We launched our plant-based leather for Earth Day this year. Banbū Leather is the first leather alternative created from bamboo, the most regenerative plant on the planet. 


    We incorporated biodegradation technology into all of our products. Enhanced biodegradation is a proprietary technology that allows our materials to biodegrade in a landfill. 


    We created an innovative topcoat technology made from plants that provides superior performance, durability and suppleness, yet comes with a dramatically lower carbon footprint. 


    Here’s just some of the impact we had in 2021 as a result:

    87,891 Plastic Water Bottles Diverted from Landfills

    25,707 Acres of Land Conserved

    129,000,000 Gallons of Water Conserved 

    Along with that, we’ve helped fight deforestation, protected workers from the toxic chemicals used in the leather tanning industry, saved animals, decreased our overall carbon footprint, and given back 10% of our proceeds to local communities.

    2021 produced amazing results, but we have lots to accomplish in 2022 as we continue our journey to drive positive change.

    This is only the beginning. Thank you for coming along!

    Vicki von Holzhausen