Remember, you are capable of positive change. Every small decision you make has power to reflect that and we’re with you.

At this point, we’re sure you’re aware of the simple ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. remember to unplug your devices, switch to LED light bulbs, embrace a minimalist lifestyle, practice the 5 R’s, do less laundry…. we could go on.



But how do your shopping habits affect your carbon footprint? The average American has a fashion footprint of 1,620 pounds of carbon a year. That’s the equivalent of driving your car from California to Texas. Even more, that’s 22,267 plastic bags.

And while textiles are a major concern in the fashion industry, experts have found that leather is worse. Livestock production is the single largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, more than planes, trains and cars combined.

With our innovative material and thoughtful manufacturing process the carbon footprint of our bags is 33% less than your average leather bag.

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