This month, our von Holzhausen founder and designer, Vicki von Holzhausen had the honor of joining forces with like-minded thinkers and innovators for a panel discussion all about one of our favorite topics: sustainability. 

The event, hosted by Baume Beach House at a beautiful ocean-front home in Malibu, California, brought together compassionate entrepreneurs like Yoggx founder Colin Hornett, Peter Spiegel of AquaTru and Nick Fotis of Kopu Water for a beach cleanup followed by an enlightened discussion about running successful businesses while keeping the environment at the forefront of importance. Highlights of the conversation included strategies for upcycling waste and discussions surrounding consumerism and how responsibility falls in the hands of the designer to create products that are both beautiful and responsible. 
As always, we loved sharing more about our mission with attendees and select international press, and the Baume House was a beautiful place to bring the discussion to life. At one point in the afternoon, a whale passed our line of sight in the distance providing a welcome reminder that it's up to us to act as stewards of the environment and marine life and protect our future on this earth.
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