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The biggest hesitation people seem to have, when considering buying a vegan handbag, is that the quality and feel simply don’t match up to real leather. Yes, they love the animal-free aspect, but they’re not entirely convinced the non-leather is just as durable, high-quality and lush-looking as actual leather.

Enter von Holzhausen! We’re material innovators first and foremost. We understand those concerns and we’ve worked incredibly hard to come up with two amazing leather alternatives for you. Two supple, strong and sustainable alternatives that are - and we stand behind this 100% - even better than leather. In other words, we have reinvented leather.


“What is sustainable leather?”

First of all, our bags are made from sustainable leather. Our leather is 100% vegan, but also sustainable, which not all vegan leather is. Sustainable means that no part of our bag, no part of the process of making our bags, is harmful to our planet. From the material to the dyes to the glues.

We also firmly believe that handbags, and the making of them, should be cruelty-free, should conserve as much water and land as possible and have a low carbon footprint. And of course, they should be entirely animal-free. We care for our planet and everyone on it, and we’re on a mission to make leather extinct.


“Tell me a little more about those two amazing leather alternatives”


Our original sustainable leather. A high-performing, super durable material made, in part, from recycled plastic water bottles. The secret is the protective top surface which makes Technik-Leather stain, water and scratch resistant. Our Technik-Leather is virtually indestructible which means you will be wearing this bag forever, and it will look as good as new each and every day. In addition, our Technik-Leather is supple, soft and smooth and feels just like genuine leather.


Banbū Leather

We’re material innovators, we’re ambitious and we are continuously striving for better solutions. So you could say we are more than a little bit excited to have launched a second leather alternative this year: Banbū leather, which is made from bamboo. This is the first plant-based leather of its kind. Bamboo is the most renewable plant on the planet and can be harvested without destroying root systems. Banbū leather is just as soft and supple as leather, but five times lighter, more durable and infinitely better for our planet.


“Still have doubts?”

If you had to choose between a high-quality, supple leather alternative that’s kind to our planet or real leather, we would say it’s pretty much a non-brainer. But if you do have doubts, we’re here to help and inform you. We care about the future of our planet. Together we can really make a difference, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. And make beautiful bags in the process!