You could say the handbag was on sabbatical for most of 2020. For a short amount of time the fashion world took a pause, unsure what to make of the unprecedented situation we found ourselves in. But then it returned, thoughtfully and respectfully. Fashion tends to represent the mood of the moment and the mood was optimistic, but subdued. As a result, there’s been a shift characterized by reflection and introspection. Our ideas are fused with positivity, but they’re also realistic. Which means we’re veering away from the impractical to embrace functionality and most of all longevity. And this is especially true for bags.

An Investment Trend has emerged. We now want a quality bag that elevates our everyday style and lasts a lifetime. Not only is this advantageous economically, but, more importantly, it is so much better for the environment, which is struggling with the enormous amount of fast fashion items we discard every year. We’ve entered a new era where materialism is okay, but it has to be meaningful and absolutely not wasteful.

How does that translate in terms of your wardrobe? Well, think classic, timeless shapes and staple pieces that transcend seasons and trends. Essentials you should aim to have in your closet and that hold up physically and aesthetically over time.

All our Technik-Leather and Banbū Leather styles are designed to do just that: they last. Our sustainable material is ultra-durable and will look as new on day 1 as it will after years of wearing it. Styles such as our classic Shopper, large Bucket Bag or Shoulder Bag are timeless, eco-friendly and more than worth the investment.

Let’s go investment shopping.