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    How Vicki von Holzhausen Mastered the Art of Marrying Sustainability and Style

    For California native Vicki von Holzhausen, the road to creating a fashion brand started rather unconventionally. After spending more than a decade in Europe working as an automotive designer for brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz, she took her lifelong interest in style and married it with her passion for protecting the environment. Thus, her namesake sustainable lifestyle brand was born. The brand, a line of vegan accessories that are made from a trademarked performance material called Technik-Leather that she discovered during her automotive days, is the result of Vicki’s idea to create a direct-to-consumer accessories brand that utilized her technical background and—most importantly—had an ethical approach.

    The material of her bags is most commonly used for car interiors and is 100-percent animal-free, but you would never know it by looking at them. Added bonus: The leather alternative is water-, stain-, and scratch-resistant, and are all made in the USA (another way to reduce the bags’ carbon footprint, as well as offering additional jobs to the market).

    Below, we chat with the entrepreneur about how her idea came to be.