How to travel more sustainably: 5 Tips

    I think we can all agree that post-pandemic we are eager to start traveling again. And while it’s wonderful to explore and discover new cultures, traveling is generally – to put it mildly - not very eco-friendly. Because commitment to the environment is such an integral part of our brand, we decided to take a look at some things you can do to travel more sustainably this summer. That is, in addition to traveling with our sustainable bags, of course!

    Here are 5 tips:

    1. The first and most obvious issue when it comes to sustainable travel is transportation. When deciding on your destination, consider how you’d get there. Whenever possible, public transportation should be your first choice, followed by driving and lastly, flying. If you must fly, try to book non-stop flights and avoid plane-hopping. An additional idea is to buy a carbon offset for your flight.

    2. Do your homework before booking your trip. A lot of companies have ‘green credentials’ these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are genuinely eco-conscious. A good indicator is checking to see if the tour company you’re using or the hotel you’re booking has an official eco-certification or is classified as a Certified B Corporation. This is a list of companies that leads the way in building a sustainable and inclusive economy for everyone. Tourism is included in that list.

    3. Sustainable travel also means traveling responsibly and ethically. It’s about fair wages and working conditions for hospitality workers. Does the hotel or restaurant you’re booking buy its produce from local farmers, or is it shipped from a supplier? Eating locally and using local guides also supports Green Travel. These are all things to consider if you want to travel better.

    4. Sometimes it’s just the simple things that make a difference: bring your own reusable water bottle and straws when traveling. Tell the hotel you’re staying at you’re happy to reuse your towels and don’t need them refreshed every day. And this goes without saying, but always pick up your trash, wherever you are.

    5. Environmental responsibility and respecting nature go hand in hand. Don’t take natural objects such as coral or seashells from their natural habitat. Stay on designated trails when you’re observing wildlife and respect local customs.

    Together we can make a difference and with eco-tourism and sustainable options fast evolving, we can continue to explore our beautiful planet.