Get to Know Taylr & Megan, the Ladies Behind our New Campaign

    Meet Taylr Anne and Megan Adelaide, friends and creative collaborators who each live in LA and run their own unique style blogs. Megan and Taylr embody the chic and effortless look that is synonymous with the von Holzhausen woman, and we felt they were the perfect duo to help us launch our new non-leather collection -- what we like to call "Technik-Leather."  Here are a few questions we wanted to ask them:

    First thing's first: how did you two originally meet?

    TA: We actually met through Instagram and one day met for coffee; it all went from there. I’ve met some amazing people through Instagram... now some are the most important people in my life!

    MA: I remember sending Taylr a DM, basically saying that we should hang sometime and we ended up meeting for coffee later on that week!

    At what point did you decide to start collaborating professionally? How did it evolve?

    TA: I think it kind of just happened organically. We loved taking photos for each other -- we would help each other with projects we had (we still do!) and brands started recognizing that. It’s something that is fun for us because we feed off of eachother’s creative energy. Although I have more of a mellow energy and Megan is energetic, when we shoot together we get so fueled by what we are creating.

    MA: We know eachother's angles and styles too, which overall makes shooting one another an easy and fun thing to do

    How would each of you describe the others' personal style?

    TA: Megan has an effortless approach to fashion with an appreciation for quality. That’s what I’ve always admired about her closet. It is very curated and she knows what she likes.

    MA: If Taylr's style could be an album it would be, Crazy, Sexy, Cool by TLC.

    Outside of photography and blogging, what do enjoy doing for fun?

    TA: Happy hour! Kidding, kind of. But we love to spend our days doing simple things. We love thrifting, plant shopping, and doing mini road trips to Palm Springs or chilling at one of our places with a bottle of wine. Also finding cool coffee shops and restaurants. At night, we love to go dancing! We danced almost every night in Paris.

    MA: Omg, happy hour and dancing, always! To add on to what Taylr said, sometimes we'll just relax and watch Netflix -- and popcorn is always a must.

    What are some of your favorite activities to do together around Los Angeles?

    MA: We love LA. We always find ourselves there, if it's work related or just for fun. We love going out to our favorite restaurants or just finding new ones. Shopping at boutiques and just wandering around!

    As LA natives, we're always scoping out fun new spots to check out around town. Any great new restaurants, galleries, shops etc that you've been loving?

    MA: LA is always full of great restaurants! My current favorites are Sawyer, Marvin, Cecconi's, Cafe Stella, Black Rabbit Rose for drinks and Clover Juice!!! Best juices ever! My favorite shops are Worship, Assembly, Passenger, Reformation and Staud.

    We love the story about how you're both surfers, but until our shoot had never been surfing together. Why is that?  

    TA: I think surfing is something that has shaped our lives differently. Megan surfed when she was growing up and has transitioned into a different lifestyle. It still is a meditative practice for me and I try to go when I can.

    You guys are shooting new content constantly. Any advice for keeping inspiration and ideas fresh?

    TA: My advice would be to surround yourself with inspiration often, however it is you get inspired. I think we can all appreciate something, but still see it differently. That is what is so cool about fresh perspectives.

    MA: I go to magazines for a lot of inspiration!

    What is your favorite aspect of the von Holzhausen brand mission?

    TA: Truthfully, there are so many things von Holzhausen is doing RIGHT. I am so happy to support a company that not only is a push in sustainable fashion, but also gives back to charities. We need to push more companies to be centered in Philanthropy; with visions like Vicki and her team.

    MA: Taylr nailed it, I couldn't agree more!

    If you could pick one von Holzhausen bag to be your daily staple, what would it be and why?

    TA: The Tote— it’s an everything bag. It gets me through the work week, transitions from day to night, and makes the perfect carrier for the Farmer’s Market on the weekends.

    MA: The Shoulder Bag! It's so lightweight, durable and comfortable!